Instagram Model Killed By Exploding Whipped Cream Canister

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If you suddenly start to notice prominent warning labels on your whipped cream containers, this is why: a popular French fitness blogger and Instagram star was killed when a whipped cream canister exploded and fatally struck her in the chest.

The bizarre incident, which has been labeled a “domestic accident” by the victim’s family, took place over the weekend. 33-year-old Rebecca Burger was operating a whipped cream dispenser – which works by creating a highly-pressurized environment inside of a metal can by injecting gas – when the gas capsule broke free from the canister and hit Burger in the chest.

The impact sent Burger into cardiac arrest, and despite the best efforts of emergency responders who swiftly arrived to the scene, she was pronounced dead. Burger had acquired a sizable social media following, with roughly 154,000 Instagram followers and 55,000 Facebook fans at the time of her passing.

Burger’s family used her Instagram account to post an official statement about her death and to warn other consumers about the danger posed by whipped cream dispensers.

“This is an example of the cream siphon that exploded and hit Rebecca’s chest, causing her death,” the statement read, translated from French. “The siphon which caused her death was sealed. Don’t use this product in your homes! Tens of thousands of the faulty devices are already in circulation.”

Certain French consumer groups have issued grave warnings about the products for years, noting that faulty connectors on the gas capsules make them a ticking time bomb.

Since the products have been in circulation, victims have suffered a slew of unbelievable injuries, including the loss of an eye, broken teeth, fractures, broken ribs, and broken sternums. Despite the best efforts of the French government and product manufacturers to get the faulty dispensers off the streets, there are likely still thousands in homes across the country.

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