Missing N.J. Woman’s Blood Found In Boyfriend’s Bathtub

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The missing New Jersey woman whose torso washed up off the coast of Brooklyn earlier this week and was identified by a Sanskrit tattoo on her remains may have been the victim of foul play. Investigators found traces of her blood in her boyfriend’s bathtub, the latest shred of evidence that has them turning their sights on him as the culprit.

31-year-old Jennifer Londono vanished from Union City on June 25, but police now believe that they have determined her tragic whereabouts. On Tuesday, a woman’s torso from the waist to her knees was found in the Red Hook Channel off the coast of Brooklyn, and on Saturday, a jogger spotted a partial leg and foot near the 79th St. Boat Basin on the Upper West Side.

Police published a photo of a Sanskrit tattoo they found on the torso, which translates to “Lily” or “Lilyann.” When Londono’s mother came across the image on social media, she recognized it immediately and traveled to the 76th Precinct in Brooklyn to report it. She claimed that the tattoo was a tribute to the woman’s aunt.



K-9 units were dispatched to places that Londono frequented in order to search for blood traces, with dogs sniffing out the bar where she worked, her mother’s car – which Londono’s boyfriend had been using – and her boyfriend’s apartment.

It was at the apartment were the only blood traces were found in the bathtub. Sources close to the matter have indicated that police are now digging deeper into Londono’s relationship with her boyfriend to determine whether he had a motive to kill her.

Authorities with the Bergen County Prosecutor’s office have yet to officially disclose the name, with spokeswoman Maureen Parenta stating: “We do not have information for release regarding this matter.”

As for the results of the autopsy on the body parts, city Medical Examiner’s office spokeswoman Julie Bolcer said: “We are investigating, but the cause and manner are pending further studies.”

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