Michigan Man Uses Fireworks Against Bees, Burns Down Garage

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Why buy expensive chemicals to get rid of a beehive in your garage when you could just use your surplus Fourth of July fireworks to get the job done? A Michigan man whose garage is now a smoldering wreckage probably has an opinion on the matter now.

Firefighters from Grand Blanc, Burton, and Mundy Township rushed to put out a blaze on Monday that began when Mike Tingley tried to get rid of a bees’ nest in his man cave with some explosives, M Live reported.

“The homeowner was doing something with a smoke bomb trying to get a bees nest out of the garage,” said Grand Blanc Fire Chief Bob Burdette. Instead of smoking out the stinging creatures, though, Tingley only managed to destroy part of his home.

Fortunately, nobody was injured by the fire. Firefighters were able to keep it mostly contained to the garage and a neighboring fence while sparing the house.

Tingley confessed that he was sad to lose his garage, but he was able to find the silver lining to the embarrassing situation.

“We really weren’t going to celebrate the Fourth of July so much as we just have fun in our backyard, we like to have barbecues, we had a patio back there,” he said, adding that he was at home with his wife and daughter when the fire broke out.

“It’s depressing losing a place where we had a lot of fun, but everyone is safe and that’s the main thing,” Tingley concluded.

Numerous reports of fireworks-related fires swept across the country in the wake of Fourth of July celebrations gone wrong. Firefighters in the Denver metro area were called to put out multiple smaller fires that spread quickly due to warm and dry conditions, while authorities in Lake Point, Utah, scrambled to put out a blaze that burned close to three homes and damaged structures.

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