Semen-Flinging Cop Ran Away “Like A Child” After Gross Act

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The former NYPD sergeant who is accused of throwing his own bodily fluids onto a female colleague as part of a perverse display allegedly ran away from the scene of the bizarre crime in a particularly juvenile fashion, prosecutors argued Tuesday.

55-year-old Michael Iscenko was fired in September 2015 after an NYPD worker accused him of throwing semen at her in January of that year. Iscenko unsuccessfully attempted to fight his termination by filing a discrimination lawsuit against his former employer, claiming that he was actually fired because he is white, but that suit was promptly dismissed.

On Tuesday, Iscenko’s criminal trial began. Assistant District Attorney Emily Ching painted a distinct picture of the disgraced sergeant as an immature miscreant by alleging during her opening statement that the victim saw Iscenko “darting away like a child who didn’t want to get in trouble for doing a bad deed.”

Ching described how the 61-year-old victim first “felt a cold and wet something fall onto her left calf,” noting that a DNA test performed on a substance recovered from her shoe determined that it was in fact Iscenko’s semen. She also revealed that the perverted cop allegedly told the victim “that he preferred when she wore skirts.”

Iscenko’s lawyer disputed the veracity of the biological evidence recovered, although he did not argue that there was an encounter between his client and the victim.

“You will hear the experts disagree about whether the material was semen or saliva,” said attorney Michael Horn.

In his discrimination suit, Iscenko claimed that he had an independent DNA test performed on the substance recovered from the victim’s shoe that “revealed based on a microscopic, presumptive and confirmatory test that the substance on the shoe was saliva and not semen,” the New York Daily News reported.

Isckeno faces one misdemeanor count of third-degree sex abuse that could see him spend up to six months behind bars.

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