Teacher Accused Of Sex With Special Ed Student Arraigned

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A former Connecticut high school teacher who stands accused of sexually assaulting an 18-year-old special education student was arraigned Tuesday morning on one count of second-degree sexual assault, her husband supportively standing by her side.

31-year-old Laura Ramos turned herself in to police and confessed to having an affair with the student in a video recorded statement to police. She admitted to having sex with the teenager “a handful of times” between December 23, 2016, and April 2017, with most of their encounters taking place in her car.

Ramos’s attorney, Edward Gavin, stood by her side as she faced Superior Court Judge Kevin Doyle, who scheduled her plea hearing for July 25, the New Haven Register reported. The disgraced teacher then left the courthouse with her husband.

“She is presumed innocent and we look forward to proceeding on this matter,” Gavin said in a statement.

Police first became aware of the allegations against Ramos in June, when Principal Eric Graf of Central High School notified officers that a student had tipped off a teacher about a scandalous relationship. Authorities then questioned the student witness, who claimed that Ramos had been texting him about her relationship with the victim.

The witness claimed that Ramos would often talk about her personal problems, at one point lamenting that “her guy” – who the student witness believes is another male student separate from the victim – did not want to have sex with her anymore. Ramos and “her guy” could often be seen “making eyes at each other like flirting,” the witness said.

When the allegations surfaced, Ramos was placed on administrative leave. She tendered her resignation shortly thereafter when school administrators moved to terminate her.

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