Did Jay-Z and Beyoncé Confess Sins For Sales?

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When Beyoncé and Jay-Z first got together, it was almost like they could do no wrong – and that lasted for years until cracks in the veneer started tarnishing their brand.

Jay-Z, Blue Ivy, and Beyonce

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People started questioning everything about them, even accusing the once-untouchable Queen Bey of faking her pregnancy with Blue Ivy. Things only got worse after video surfaced of her sister, Solange, taking Jay to task in an elevator.

All of a sudden, rot started creeping in and the loyalty of their fans began to seem questionable. People outright theorized that their whole marriage was a sham (including the pregnancy, of course) and that we were all being played.

One writer over on E! Online has suggested that the pair released Lemonade and 4:44 as a way of preserving their brand and I think it makes perfect sense.

Having been notoriously private, why would this power couple suddenly do an about-face and confess their deepest, darkest sins? Why would Beyoncé put Jay-Z on blast only to remain by his side?

Dirty laundry sells, folks. You don’t need a degree in marketing to know this. Even a C-List celebrity can make money off of a tell-all book (just ask Kendra Wilkinson’s mother!).

Showing imperfections makes stars relatable. We like knowing that, despite their fame and fortune, they go through the same crap as the rest of us. Authenticity resonates with modern music lovers and Bey and Jay are smart enough to realize that before they lose their fanbase.

What do you think? Did the couple genuinely want to work on their relationship in the public eye or was this all part of a well-crafted publicity stunt?

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