Man Murdered Girlfriend For Saying Other Man’s Name During Sex

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A Florida man pleaded guilty of murdering and disemboweling his girlfriend after she called out another man’s name during sex after previously pleading not guilty, claiming that he carried out the grisly crime in a drunken rage.

26-year-old Fidel Lopez was having a sexual encounter with 31-year-old Maria Nemeth in September 2015 when she suddenly shouted out her ex-husband’s name. Both Lopez and Nemeth were drinking at the time.

“She was calling me another dude’s name,” Lopez told officers. “She was confusing me with him. If I was sober, maybe I would have just left the apartment. But I was drunk.”

Lopez – who admitted that he turned into a “monster” when Nemeth shouted the wrong name – initially entered a not guilty plea when charged with two counts of sexual battery and first-degree murder back in October 2015, the Sun-Sentinel reported. His plea left prosecutors scratching their heads, as Lopez was the one who called 911 and detailed the murder to police.

The murderer initially claimed that Nemeth was having trouble breathing and eventually wound up passing out in the bathroom, but he eventually told police the truth after fabricating a tale of rough sex gone wrong.

Boozed up and blinded by rage, Lopez went on a destructive rampage and destroyed doors and walls throughout his apartment. He then penetrated Nemeth with a variety of objects, including a beer bottle and a flat iron, before disemboweling her. After realizing what he had done, Lopez unsuccessfully tried to revive her, washed the blood off his hands, smoked a cigarette, and then finally called the cops.

His confessions guarantees that Lopez will not be handed the death penalty in relation to the brutal murder, but Lopez faces a mandatory life sentence. His sentencing has been delayed until next month so that family members of both the defendant and the victim will have the opportunity to address the court.

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