“Game of Thrones” Premiere’s Shocking Moments

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Did you catch the season opener for Game of Thrones last night? Wow. Honestly, I’ve had a love/hate relationship with the show in recent years but that was a strong premiere. If you haven’t seen it and don’t want to deal with spoilers, look away now.

Kit Harington

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Okay, first things first, Arya Stark is already killing it – literally. Wearing the face of Walder Frey, she killed a room full of people and told the lone survivor that, when people ask what happened there that day, to simply say that “the north remembers.” Yowza!

It was a little strange later when she was walking through the woods and heard a man singing. I instantly said, “man, that sounds like Ed Sheeran” just moments before she turned to see a campfire surrounded by men – including Ed Sheeran. Sigh.

Meanwhile, Jamie and Cersei carried on the same lame blah blah blah that they always have except he did bring up their son, Tommen, wanting to talk about the kid’s suicide and she basically said that she’s not going to focus on dead people. Wow.

Things did get interesting when Euron Greyjoy showed up wanting to woo Cersei. He was so bold, promising not to come back until he could prove he was worth marrying. You can tell that, together, he and Cersei could be pretty dangerous so that’s something to watch for.

Back at Winterfell, Jon Snow took the lead while Sansa Stark questioned his authority. He stuck to his guns, showing he could be powerful while also being humane to the children of men who had betrayed him. You could tell that Little Finger was amused by the fact that Sansa called out her brother in front of everyone but later, when he tried to capitalize on the potential rift, she shut him down – HARD. It was great.

Daenarys and Tyrion made their way to the land of her people and, really, it was a pretty emotional and dramatic moment to see her stand before the opened gates and enter the place once inhabited by her ancestors. Rather than plop down in the waiting throne, she chose focus on strategy which, of course, is why she is such a badass.

This was a super great setup for the season. There was so much more going on but these are the things that really stood out for me.

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