Demonstrators Storm CNN Headquarters For ‘Fake News’ Protest

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Nearly 200 protesters gathered outside of CNN’s headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, to voice their discontentment with the network’s fixation on so-called “fake news” that they believe is manufactured to undermine President Donald Trump’s leadership.

“We are standing up and fighting back against the real damage that CNN is doing to this country today,” Brian Maloney with the Media Equalizer told Breitbart News. “There are real victims of their smear campaigns… they have an entire team of smear merchants employed for the express purpose of denying this current president any appointees or nominees whatsoever.”

Protesters held signs with messages like, “CNN Lies!” “CNN: Criminal News Network,” and “Beware of Fake News” as they marched before the network’s logo and chanted slogans that painted CNN as a media villain.

While some demonstrators were concerned with the impact that CNN’s alleged fake news has on the Trump administration, others worried about the impact that CNN is having on the country at large.

“They’re destroying our culture,” opined local radio host Brian Crabtree. “They’re taking people who consume five to ten minutes of news a day, the average American citizen, they’re filling them full of fake news, fake innuendos, bad information, leading them to a conclusion that this President is something that he’s not.”

“They don’t report that illegal border crossings are down 70 to 80 percent. They don’t report that there’s $65 to $80 billion regulations that have evaporated,” he continued.

Protestors lambasted CNN for becoming embroiled in a variety of scandals in recent months, including a debunked Trump-Russia collusion story that resulted in three CNN editorial employees’ resignations and the network’s widely mocked decision to threaten to dox the maker of a Trump-CNN wrestling gif.

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