Kid Rock Beating Dem Incumbent In Michigan Senate Poll

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It might be an early poll, but if you told anyone just a few months ago that Kid Rock was beating an incumbent Democratic senator from Michigan in a poll taken at any stage of the race, you’d probably be hauled away by the men in white coats. But that’s exactly what a new poll is showing.

Kid Rock – real name Robert Ritchie – rose to fame on the back of an incredibly successful music career, but the Trump-supporting Michigander is hoping to add “U.S. Senator” to his resume. He threw his hat into the ring earlier this month with a slew of confusing social media posts that culminated with a Facebook post announcing that he was “out of f*cks to give.”

According the latest Delphi Analytica poll, Kid Rock is sitting pretty with 30 percent of the vote, compared to incumbent Democrat Debbie Stabenow, who defeated her Republican challenger in 2012 by a margin of 59-38.

While 44 percent of respondents decided not to favor a candidate at this early stage, Kid Rock led 54-46 among those who did, which is an impressive result for a polarizing figure who once refused to stop displaying the Confederate flag on the stage during his performances.

Kid Rock first waded into the political arena when he endorsed Dr. Ben Carson, a fellow Michigan native, for the Republican presidential nomination. When Carson’s campaign fell through, Kid Rock swiftly became an enthusiastic Trump supporter and played at the Republican National Convention after Trump accepted the presidential nomination.

While the unlikely politician has already began elaborating his platform, which will apparently center on gun rights, health care, and tax reform, the Democratic party has not indicated that they are worried about a Kid Rock victory.

“Well, maybe this is all a joke,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) said in a fundraising email to supporters, “but we all thought Donald Trump was joking when he rode down the escalator at Trump Tower and announced his campaign, too.”

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