Florida Man Unleashes Samurai Sword During Road Rage Incident

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While you were studying traffic laws, he was studying the blade: a Florida man is behind bars after he became so heated during a road rage incident that he threatened the other driver with a two-foot-long samurai sword.

Julian and Adrian Rivera were making their way down the street behind 43-year-old Daniel Seymour’s vehicle when everything turned bizarre, the Brooksville Police Department revealed in a Facebook post.

“The Rivera’s stated without provocation the defendant began “brake checking” them, using obscene hand gestures while slowing down and speeding up. This behavior continued until the road widened and they were able to pass,” the incident report revealed.

That was not the end of their plight, though: just after the brothers managed to successfully pass Seymour’s vehicle, the deranged driver lurched across the lane and hit the Rivera’s fender, and when they tried to pull over, he rammed into their back bumper.

As soon as the victims got out of their car, Seymour jumped out of his vehicle and approached them in an “aggressive manner.” The Rivera’s tried to deescalate the situation by telling Seymour to calm down and get back in his car, which he did – only to grab a 25-inch samurai sword.

“I’m going to kill you both!” Seymour allegedly screamed at the terrified victims, who got back in their car and called the police. When the cops arrived, they managed to subdue Seymour without incident and transport him to the nearby Hernando County Jail, where he was held on a $24,500 bond.

Now, the lone samurai faces charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and reckless driving.

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