Boy Who Wrote Letter To Trump Will Visit White House

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Naysayers of the Trump administration were quick to air their skepticism when White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders read a letter from a nine-year-old boy who gushed about his admiration for the president. Now, that little boy – perhaps one of the biggest Trump fans out there – will soon get to meet his hero at the White House.

Little Dylan Harbin, whose letter reveals that he prefers to be called “Pickle” since everyone does it, had his heartwarming letter read aloud to the country by Sanders as part of a new White House tradition dedicated to “some of the forgotten men, women and children that we are here to serve and that the President is fighting for.”

In the letter, Dylan described his Trump-themed birthday party, asked the president about his age and the White House, and wondered if the president would be his friend. However, social media users tumbled over each other to dispute the veracity of the letter.

“There’s no way a 9 year old boy wrote that,” one Twitter user wrote. “I work with kids and any kid who is called pickle and wants to be buddies with Trump aint real.”

Not even a “Fox & Friends” appearance by Dylan’s mother, SuAnn Harbin, was enough to sway the skeptics, even after she described the circumstances surrounding the letter and announced that her son would travel to the White House.

“It was a complete surprise. We were at a Giants game and they had called right before we went in to the stadium and they said, ‘Hi, this is so and so from the White House and we’re calling to let you know that we received Pickle’s letter and that they’re going to read it at the press conference in about 20 minutes,’” she said.

SuAnn is now saving up the money she needs to travel from her home in California to Washington D.C. Meanwhile, Dylan is happy to be in the president’s unofficial fan club.

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