R. Kelly Rubs Fan’s Phone All Over His Crotch During Concert

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What is going on with R. Kelly??? He’s always been associated with controversy so that’s not new but you’d think that, in the face of parents accusing him of holding their daughters captive as part of some sex cult, he’d tone down some of his lewdness.

R. Kelly

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Instead, he’s the same nasty performer we’ve come to love (to hate). While performing in Virginia Beach this weekend, he invited female fans to touch him and then asked for one woman to hand him her phone. Of course, she didn’t even hesitate and what did he do? He rubbed it all over his crotch!

Unbelievably, this was all after he was more than 90 minutes late to his own concert and then, once he did hit the stage, he performed for about 45 minutes! Why does anyone pay to see this guy?

Just when you think he’s done enough to make everyone hate him, he steps it up a notch and, somehow, manages to retain his fanbase. Sure, some of his music is okay but is he really worth all of this?

Naturally, he’s seen the patterns and knows that he can do almost anything and people will still pay to see him in concert so why clean up his act, right? Maybe, though, this will all catch up with him one day and he will have to face his own music.

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