“Game of Thrones” Season 7, Episode 3 Recap – It Finally Happened!

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The production crew is NOT messing around for this seventh season of Game of Thrones. Episode 3 was so legit, so jam-packed that the long-awaited meeting between Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen felt like just a blip among other huge blips. It was insanity.

Let’s save Dragonstone stuff for last, shall we? Instead, let’s talk about a few other important developments. For starters, Samwell Tarly was actually successful in curing Ser Jorah Mormont of greyscale! That’s a major deal for a couple reasons.

Ser Jorah



For one, it proves that Tarly has the skills to pay the bills. Even the Archmaester was blown away (although, he did admonish him for disobeying his order to let Mormont die). Second, it will allow Mormont to make his way back to his precious Khaleesi who is now in the company of Jon Snow. And guess who Mormont will say cured him of his affliction? None other than Samwell Tarly, Snow’s trusty sidekick who also happens to know how to defeat the White Walkers with dragonglass, a resource that only Khaleesi can provide. It’s all converging, friends. It’s all converging.

Next, let’s talk about Winterfell which, in Snow’s absence, is in the hands of Sansa Stark. She does a pretty decent job inspecting the camp and making requests to prepare for the war with Little Finger doing his best to whisper in her ear… ugh, he’s deplorable.

Brann and Sansa


It’s a game-changer, though, when someone shows up at the gates and requests Lady Sansa. Who didn’t gasp when it turned out to be Brann, her long-lost brother. Now declaring himself the three-eyed raven, it’s clear that he creeped out Sansa who, conveniently, found something to do inside the castle after he made some of his predictive comments. It’s going down!

Over at King’s Landing, Euron Greyjoy continued his quest to win Queen Cersei’s heart and, well, at the very least, he’s impressed her. After parading through the streets, he entered the throne room with three very important captors – Ellaria of Dorne and one of her Sand Snake daughters as well as Yara Greyjoy. He made it clear that he had intercepted them as they plotted against the Lannisters.

Euron Greyjoy


He asked that he be rewarded with her hand in marriage and she said he would get what his heart desires when the war is won. He did not miss the opportunity to gloat in Jamie’s face, clearly knowing that the siblings are also lovers…

Cersei and Sand Snake


In the dungeons, Cersei did not miss the opportunity to let Ellaria know how much she hated her for killing her only daughter, Myrcella. In retaliation, she kissed Ellaria’s daughter with lips tinged with poison and promised that the mother would live to watch her daughter also die a slow, painful death. It was rough.

Cersei also dispatched Jamie to do some dirty work with a dual purpose. For one, she sensed an attack on Casterly Rock and deployed the Lannister army to keep them safe from Daenerys’ Unsullied warriors (and it worked).

Lady Tyrell


The nasty Queen also gave Jamie a special mission – kill the Tyrell army as well as Lady Tyrell. In her final moments, she was as intelligent, clever, and defiant as ever and the scene was fantastic. After being given a poison, Lady Tyrell confessed to being the one who had killed Cersei and Jamie’s son, Joffrey, and with her last words, she asked that he tell Cersei that she did it. THAT should be interesting!

Now, for the good stuff. When Jon Snow and Ser Davos show up on Dragonstone, one of the first things that happens is that a dragon swoops up and they all hit the deck. Yes, the legends and rumors are true, my friends!

Jon Snow Sees Dragons!


Standing before Daenerys, she wants Snow to bend the knee and he refuses. It’s clear that they are both unwilling to yield but, fortunately, Tyrion works his magic throughout the episode so that, at the very least, Khaleesi gives the King of the North access to her dragonglass reserves.

Dany and Jon Snow


It’s a battle of wills between them and, really, you can just tell that once they get on the same page, the pair are going to be formidable. His jet black hair juxtaposed with her striking white mane… sigh. Fire and Ice were finally brought together and we cannot wait till they begin to unravel the truth so that the theories about how they are related can finally be put to rest. Cannot wait for next week!

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