Did Bad Behavior Make Casey Affleck’s Wife Leave?

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It’s really happening. After being separated since November 2015, Summer Phoenix has filed for divorce and is officially leaving Casey Affleck after nearly 10 years of marriage and 16 years of togetherness.

Summer Phoenix and Casey Affleck

Photo by Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

Back in March, they announced the split saying, “Casey Affleck and Summer Phoenix have amicably separated. They remain very close friends.” 

The couple share sons, Indiana, 12, and Atticus, 9. Summer, who is the younger sister of Joaquin Phoenix and an actress, model, and designer in her own right, is seeking spousal support and joint physical and legal custody.

While the pair have kept their relationship out of the public eye and anything could have been going wrong, we can’t help but wonder if the breakdown of their marriage had anything to do with the nasty rumors circulating about Affleck. After all, even when he won an Oscar, Brie Larson, who presented the award, refused to clap.

Apparently, two women accused him of sexual harassment while working on the film, I’m Still Here back in 2010. The suits were settled that same year but many have not forgotten the incident.

Could this be a reason why Summer has decided to move on? We may never know but it certainly stirs the pot a little, doesn’t it?

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