Woman Who Urged Boyfriend To Kill Himself Gets 15 Months

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Michelle Carter, the woman who convinced her 18-year-old boyfriend to commit suicide by barraging him with text messages as he questioned the decision, has been handed a 15-month prison sentence.

The 20-year-old also received a 15-month suspended sentence in relation to the 2014 death of Conrad Roy III, which investigators blamed on Carter after reading the text messages they exchanged in the moments leading up to his suicide. She was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in June.

Prosecutors accused Carter of urging Roy to commit suicide as a ploy to get attention and sympathy from friends and family.

“Its probably the best time now because everyone’s sleeping,” Carter, then aged 17, wrote to Roy shortly before he died of carbon monoxide inhalation. “Just go somewhere in your truck. And no one’s really out right now because it’s an awkward time.”

“If u don’t do it now you’re never gonna do it,” she continued. “And u can say you’ll do it tomorrow but you probably won’t. You just need to do it Conrad or I’m gonna get you help. You can’t keep doing this everyday.”

Roy replied: “Okay, I’m gonna do it today… I promise babe.”

Judge Lawrence Moniz sided with the prosecution, ruling that Carter was guilty of “creating a situation where there is a high degree of likelihood a high degree of harm would result to Mr. Roy,” he said while reading his verdict in June.

During Carter’s Thursday sentencing, the victim’s father, Conrad Roy Jr., lamented the lack of remorse shown by the culprit.

“How could Michelle Carter behave so viciously and encourage my son to end his life?” he wondered. “Where was her humanity? In what world was this behavior okay and acceptable?”

Carter will be allowed to remain free while she appeals the case.

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