Army Hospital Employee Set Supervisor On Fire, Stabbed Her

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A 54-year-old former civilian Army hospital employee was found guilty on Tuesday of intent to commit murder after he set his supervisor on fire and attacked her with a straight razor and a pair of scissors, evidently trying to take her life.

Clifford Currie of Kansas City, Kansas, faces a lengthy jail sentence for a September 2016 incident involving his supervisor, Katie Blanchard, Fox4 reported. Currie allegedly ambushed his unsuspecting victim in her office at the Munson Army Health Center at Fort Leavenworth and caught her by surprise.

He then doused Blanchard in flammable liquid, potentially gasoline, before igniting her with a match. After she had caught on fire, Currie assaulted her with a straight edge razor, inflicting grievous cut and stab wounds across her body.

Another hospital worker who heard Blanchard’s screams came to help and saw her covered in flames on her face, head, and body. The good Samaritan tried to bring Blanchard to the ground and help but out the fire, but when she did, Currie allegedly put his foot on Blanchard’s throat and tried to stab her once again.

Apparently blinded by rage, Currie continued to assault both women as they desperately attempted to shield themselves and put out the fire. It was not until other hospital employees heard their screams and came to help that the attacker was apprehended and eventually arrested.

Upon being taken into custody, Currie told police officers that he would like to seek legal counsel and that he needed a psychiatric evaluation. He faces a sentence of up to 20 years in federal prison and a fine of up to $250,000 in relation to the attack.

A GoFundMe page set up shortly after the attack revealed that Blanchard is 26 years old and has a husband and three children under the age of five.

“She was rescued by coworkers who wrestled the attacker to a standstill and put out the flames, but not before she suffered severe burns to her head, neck, back, arms and hands – mostly third and fourth degree,” the page reads.

Well-wishers donated a total of $59,205 to Blanchard and her family, far surpassing the campaign’s $10,000 goal.

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