Sinead O’Connor’s Suicidal Pleas Terrify, Sadden Fans

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For years, people have worried about the mental health of singer, Sinead O’Connor and, while many situations have turned out okay, this last one really struck a chord.

Sinead O'Connor


The singer filmed a frantic video describing herself as suicidal which she shared on Facebook. She also revealed that she has been living in a Travelodge. She tearfully exclaimed, “suddenly, all the people who are supposed to be loving you or taking care of you treat you like sh*t. If it was me, I’d be gone, straight away back to my mom. Not actually to me, but the fact that I know that I’m only one of millions of millions of millions of people who are just like me, actually, who don’t have necessarily the resources that I have in my heart or my purse for that matter.”

O’Connor, who is most famous for her hit, “Nothing Compares 2 U,” added, “Why are we alone? People who suffer from mental illness are the most vulnerable people on Earth. You’ve got to take care of us. We’re not like everybody. I just want to make this video so you all could see what the f— it’s like,” she continued. “It’s the stigma that’s killing people, not the mental f—- illnesses. If you have a family member that suffers from mental illness, care for them, tenderness, love, care for them. Visit them in the hospital, don’t dump them in the hospital and bugger off.”

Considering the recent suicides of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington, this video has gained a lot of attention, as it should. Clearly, people who are feeling isolated and suicidal need our utmost attention.

Not long after, someone added the following to O’Connor’s Facebook profile: “Hi everybody, I am posting at Sinéad’s request, to let everyone who loves her know she is safe, and she is not suicidal. She asked for this to be posted knowing you are concerned for her. I won’t respond to any questions, so please understand. I hope this comforts those of you were concerned.”

Let’s hope this is the beginning of a better chapter for the iconic singer.

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