Anna Paquin Laughs Off BBC ‘Photoboob’ Incident

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When British broadcaster BBC News accidentally aired a clip of “True Blood” actress Anna Paquin baring her breasts on the show earlier this week, some predicted that she would raise hell. But on Twitter, Paquin revealed that the snafu is nothing but a laughing matter to her.

“Now that I know what u guys were talking about this some of the funniest shit I’ve seen in a while!!! Thanks for the giggle! #FreeTheNipple,” Paquin tweeted on Saturday.

“#Photoboobed,” she followed up later, hoping to coin the phrase for the rare situation when an actress’s breasts are shown without permission, and musing: “does #photoboobing count as ‘syndication’?”

The incident occurred during a News at 10 segment earlier this week, when a scene from “True Blood” that featured a topless Paquin was being played on an employee’s computer in the background of the live broadcast.

BBC swiftly took action, claiming that it would investigate the embarrassing error, but Paquin didn’t seem to mind – even when the mix-up started to go viral across Twitter. She even retweeted a news story with the headline, “BBC accidentally shows woman’s breasts during News at Ten.”

“MY BREASTS!! SO FUNNY ON SO MANY LEVELS,” she captioned the link.

In a somber statement, BBC promised that they were “establishing the facts and circumstances” surrounding the incident. Paquin considered the mystery to be solved.

“What’s there to look into?” she wondered. “My t*ts photobombed the news because someone was watching #trueblood in view of camera??”

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