Neo-Nazi Website Gets Domain Service Cut By GoDaddy, Google

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Neo-Nazi news site The Daily Stormer has been banned from using the domain services of both GoDaddy and Google after a popular leftwing Twitter user brought to their attention a controversial post mocking the 32-year-old woman who was killed by a car attack during Saturday’s Charlottesville protests.

Twitter user Amy Siskind took to her social media platform, which reaches over 138,000 followers, to scold GoDaddy for hosting The Daily Stormer.

“.@GoDaddy I request you remove The Daily Stormer right away for violating your policy on threatening violence, which is happening now to me,” she wrote. A now-deleted post on The Daily Stormer’s public forum called for a “troll storm” to target Siskind and included her personal information.

Siskind’s tweet was quickly shared and favorited thousands of times, and within hours, she posted an update announcing that her request was approved: “Just informed by @GoDaddy that The Daily Stormer is no longer registered there. They suggest contacting Cloudflare.”

WHOIS information obtained shortly after GoDaddy dropped The Daily Stormer revealed that Google was now hosting the controversial site, with the domain transfer having taken place on Monday. But a similar social media outcry championed by Siskind and others saw Google drop them, saying in a statement: “We are cancelling Daily Stormer’s registration with Google Domains for violating our terms of service.”

As of press time, The Daily Stormer remains accessible, with the homepage displaying a message directing users to “” and “” if the primary site goes down.

Site administrators have continued posting inflammatory stories as if no controversy had taken place, including a story on a group of protesters tearing down a Confederate statue in North Carolina and an analysis
of white supremacist Richard Spencer’s latest press conference.

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