New Mom Crushed In Freak Accident Hours After Birth

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A Spanish woman who had just given birth to her third child died Sunday in a freak accident involving an elevator that saw the lift suddenly ascend while she was being wheeled out on a stretcher, reportedly chopping the victim in half.

25-year-old Rocio Cortes Nunes welcomed her daughter Triana, who was delivered via Caesarean section, at Seville’s Our Lady of Valme hospital over the weekend, The Telegraph reported. The accident took place as she was being transported from the second to the third floor of the hospital.

The worker who was moving Nunes was trying to maneuver her to another elevator because the lift was not working; the doors opened and closed but it did not change floors. As the porter pulled Nunes’s stretcher through the doors, it suddenly lurched upwards, trapping the woman against the ceiling of the elevator.

Initial reports suggested that Nunes was cut in two by the shocking accident, but the hospital has yet to confirm the extent of her fatal injuries. Some outlets also claimed that Nunes’s father shouted, “They Killed her! My daughter was killed!” upon learning about her death.

It took firefighters two hours to retrieve the woman’s body, which was stuck between the elevator doors.

“My heart missed a beat,” her mother said in the wake of the tragedy. “I asked after my daughter but no one was telling me anything. She had given birth at 11 in the morning so I went to the information desk. They told me there a young girl had died and then confirmed it was my daughter. What a cruel death she’s suffered.”

Nunes leaves behind three daughters: 5-year-old Carmen, 4-year-old Rocio, and newborn Triana.

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