Quebec To Give Migrants $2.6M Per Month In Welfare; Trudeau Buckles

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The province of Quebec has pledged to grant monthly welfare checks to around 4,000 asylum seekers who crossed the U.S.-Canada border at an unauthorized entry point in New York, an announcement that comes as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seeks to walk back a call for migrants to enter the country freely.

In a Thursday statement, Quebec’s employment minister framed the welfare payments as a way to move migrants – most of whom hail from Haiti — from pricy shelters to apartments, the National Post reported.

“Quebec has responsibilities in immigration,” said Francois Blais during a news conference. “Now they’ll be getting welfare, they’ll be able to rent an apartment and get out of temporary accommodation, which is a good thing because it is pretty costly.”

Asylum seekers who pass a “revenue test” will be eligible to receive $623 CAD ($499 USD) per month, the minimum basic amount. Additional funds will be made available to applicants depending on factors such as family status. Even at the basic level, though, the program will cost $2.6 million CAD ($2.1 million USD) to subsidize those 4,000 migrants alone.

Blais, who noted that the handout would span three days and take place at Montreal’s Palais des Congres convention center, described the situation as “exceptional” and did not rule out asking the Canadian federal government to reimburse some of the welfare costs.

In the wake of U.S. President Donald Trump’s inauguration, Trudeau issued an open invitation to “those fleeing prosecution, terror & war” to freely enter Canada. Trump had just issued an executive order temporarily halting U.S. refugee resettlement.

This week, however, Trudeau narrowed the scope of the invitation as Canadian officials desperately scramble to process new arrivals that continue to pour into the country from the United States, The Guardian reported.

“For someone to successfully seek asylum it’s not about economic migration. It’s about vulnerability, exposure to torture or death, or being stateless people. If they are seeking asylum we’ll evaluate them on the basis of what it is to be a refugee or asylum seeker,” he told reporters.

“You will not be at an advantage if you choose to enter Canada irregularly,” Trudeau declared. “You must follow the rules and there are many.”

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