Woman Steals 36,000 Amusement Park Tickets From Work

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A New York woman who worked for a charter bus company was busted for stealing a whopping 36,000 amusement park tickets from her employer – enough tickets to enter the park every day for nearly 99 years, in case you were wondering.

51-year-old Rosemarie Bader of Staten Island was formerly employed by Best Trails and Travel Corporation (BTTC) in Brooklyn, where she spotted a lucrative opportunity: by over-purchasing tickets to Six Flags Great Adventure and Dorney Park, she was able to skim tickets off the top and resell them at lower prices. In all, the purloined passes were worth over $1 million in all.

On paper, Bader’s job was to coordinate amusement park packages for her company’s clients, NBC New York reported. She had been with the company for sixteen years and recently promoted to the role of sales director, where she had sole oversight over the various amusement park packages that BTTC offered.
In practice, prosecutors claim, Bader abused her job privileges – namely, the American Express company card she was issued – to order tickets from amusement parks, oversee the delivery herself, and then hide the extra tickets in a safe to which only she had access. Bader maintained the elaborate scheme from January 2014 until November 2016, in which time she charged 36,000 tickets to the company card.

“The vast majority of the tickets the defendant allegedly over-ordered and possessed were never used to fulfill BTTC’s bus-and-ticket packages, nor were the unused and unauthorized tickets returned to the amusement parks for refund, as was the company’s usual practice,” the indictment alleged. “Rather, the defendant kept those tickets for her own use without authorization of BTTC.”

Now, Bader is facing multiple counts of grand larceny and criminal possession of stolen property. If convicted, she faces up to 25 years in prison on the harshest count alone.

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