Fugitive Cop Who Faked His Own Death Resigns From Job

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A Texas police officer who was arrested earlier this year after he staged his own suicide and fled to Mexico returned to Austin on Wednesday to hand in his resignation letter, which the department claims was effective immediately.

Coleman Martin, who turns 30 next week, was under an internal affairs investigation stemming from his bizarre actions in May, which saw him lead law enforcement on a massive search throughout South Texas, the Austin-American Statesman reported.

In a visit that lasted roughly fifteen minutes, Martin traveled to Austin’s police headquarters alongside his attorney, Rachel Rogers, to deliver his letter of resignation. Rogers claims that Martin’s decision to quit his job came after some self-reflection.

“It’s very important that what he does now is taking care of himself and his family,” she said.

Rogers faces a Class A misdemeanor charge for staging a phony suicide in May, which saw him park his vehicle near a body of water near the U.S.-Mexico border and leave behind a suicide note, apparently seeking to convince investigators that he drowned himself or met some other grisly fate.

Instead, Martin rode his bicycle 8 miles to a convenience store, hired a taxi to the border, and then hopped on a bus to take him further into Mexico. He was arrested about a week later at the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport after arriving on a flight from Colombia, with police claiming he was trying to make his way back to Austin.

Martin’s scheme was discovered when a woman – who had a “close relationship with Martin but is not his wife – showed detectives emails that he had sent her about his alleged suicide that revealed he was trying to fake his own death.

Austin officials were forced to apologize for the costs that went into the extensive search for Martin, which were estimated to have run into the tens of thousands of dollars and saw both local and federal resources be used.

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