300-Year-Old Letter Written By ‘Possessed’ Nun Finally Translated

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A letter written by a 17th century nun who was supposedly possessed by the devil when she took up the pen has finally been translated over 300 years later, with researchers suggesting that the near-indecipherable script borrowed elements from multiple ancient languages.

In 1676, Sister Maria Crocifissa della Concezione claimed that she woke up one day in her Sicilian convent and discovered the letter without having any recollection of writing it. She had been cloistered at the convent since she was 15 years old.

“God thinks he can free mortals,” the letter reads in part, referencing a part of the underworld as envisioned in Greek mythology. “Perhaps now, Styx is certain.”

Her fellow sisters believed that the nun was possessed by the devil, a reputation that she gained for frequently screaming and fainting at the altar and insisting that the devil was trying to turn her toward the forces of evil. The cryptic letter was another key piece of evidence to prove her ties to darkness.

Researchers at the Ludum Science Center in Catania used code-breaking software from the dark web that is typically employed by intelligence services, using languages like Latin and Ancient Greek to cross-check the characters for any similarities. They were not able to translate the entire letter, but the portions that were translated are certainly creepy enough.

“I personally believe that the nun had a good command of languages, which allowed her to invent the code, and may have suffered from a condition like schizophrenia, which made her imagine dialogues with the Devil,” Daniele Abate, director of the Ludum Science Center, told The Times.

The nun’s unholy work has attracted the attention of several Satanists around the world, Abate revealed, with some asking the center to turn over the letter and their findings for further independent study.

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