Tyrese Calls Out Dwayne Johnson Over “Fast 9″ Delays

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Here we go. HERE. WE. GO. Another beef has sprung up among the cast of the Fast & Furious franchise and, again, it involves Dwayne Johnson. Instead of feuding with Vin Diesel, though, he’s sparring with Tyrese Gibson and, well, it’s a little bit sad and ugly.

Dwayne Johnson and Tyrese Gibson

Alberto E. Rodriguez

This time, the drama stems from the fact that there might be a spinoff movie based on Johnson’s Fast character, Luke Hobbs, because, you know, we don’t have enough of these movies (please stop, guys…). Anyway, if Johnson takes on the project, it will affect the April 2019 release date of Fast 9 and Tyrese is having none of it.

The first signs of trouble came when Tyrese left the following comment on one of Johnson’s Instagram posts: “If you move forward with that #Hobbs Movie you will have purposely ignored the heart to heart moment we had in my sprinter. I don’t wanna hear from you until you remember what we talked about. I’m on your timeline cause you’re not responding to my text messages – #FastFamily is just that a family…….. We don’t fly solo.”

The comment was deleted but that wasn’t the end of it. Tyrese put up his own post directly targeting Johnson and, well, it’s a doozy. Funny and heartfelt but direct. He admitted that he didn’t like Baywatch but rented out two theaters for kids to see Moana and also said:

“I have never and will never have a problem with this major movie star he’s my brother… I’m simply trying to reach him cause he won’t call me back about this solo #HobbsMovie  I want you to shoot it just not right now cause the #Fast9 release date has already been announced and we can’t let our loyal fans #FastFamily or our loyal fast and furious FANS down on any level from pushing the date…….. Didn’t you see how HUGE #Fast8 was? It’s because we announced and KEPT our release date bro… I never ever go public with private family issues. We do this on behalf of the families, the cast, the crew member who have been down and loyal to us for 15 years…… Everyone matters…. When we shoot we all eat, we we show up as a FAMILY display our love, our funny stuff, our story lines and HEARTS in every frame…… Me and the cast laugh because it seems like #Fast is like a HOLIDAY at this point….. You [can’t] push the release date of a holiday bro… This is not a #Rant I’m no Rock #Hater and I don’t want this #Life I love my own… I’m doing this for the #FastFamily I’m loyal and I apologize for being loyal but dammit I am.”

So, that’s been deleted too but the damage is done since screenshots of the non-rant rant have been circulating across the internet ever since.


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