Guys – Tommy Wiseau Actually Approves of “The Disaster Artist”

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Have you seen The Room? Not the Academy Award-winning flick, Room, but THE Room starring Tommy Wiseau (who also wrote, directed, and produced that craziness)? If you haven’t, I feel sorry for you and you should probably find a way to watch it pronto.

James Franco and Tommy Wiseau


For the rest of us, we know that it it probably the best horrible movie we’ve ever seen. The acting is absolutely terrible, the story makes very little sense (don’t even ask about continuity), and the budget had to be like $12.

The cult classic has given us so many one-liners and united film fans from all walks of life. Now, James Franco is giving us an inside view of what happened behind-the-scenes and, really, the trailers have been fantastic.

You would think that Franco donning a long wig and, essentially, mocking the heck out of Wiseau wouldn’t go well but, incredibly, the latter seems to approve. Sitting along with the cast of The Disaster Artist, Wiseau revealed: “I 99.9% approve. No, football, the way he throw the football, I did not like that… I think you [James Franco] did a good job and I think I did a good job too. I have to be self-centered right now… No, you guys did [a] good job. They have the very good makeup artist, right? They did excellent job. So, I don’t have to complain about anything, actually.”

Wow! That makes me want to see this crazy movie even more. It comes out this December. Are you planning to see The Disaster Artist?

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