“John Wick: Chapter Three” Coming in 2019

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John Wick fans, rejoice! We’ve got a date for the third installment and it’s going to be epic. People might be surprised that this has turned into a franchise but, if you gave the first movie half a chance, you can understand why.

'John Wick: Chapter Two' - UK Gala Screening

Dave J Hogan / Contributor

Keanu Reeves will reprise the title role for John Wick: Chapter Three which will hit theaters on May 17, 2019. So far, no other films have been announced for the same date but, unless there’s a surprise Star Wars flick, we won’t have to worry about competition – Lionsgate’s Summit Entertainment will win the box-office with this sequel.

Back in 2014, John Wick raked in a whopping $88 million and earned rave reviews. By the time John Wick: Chapter Two was dropped earlier this year, audiences had caught on to how awesome this character is and the film grossed $171.5 million worldwide. That’s amazing!

The second installment saw Wick come out of retirement to fulfill a promise made through a blood oath and, really, you just felt for the guy. He didn’t want to do it but, to stay alive, he massacred so many people that there are infographics detailing how many kills he had with each weapon he wielded (including his own two bad ass fists).

At the end of it, we see that the home that he shared with his late wife is gone and you can just imagine the kind of wrath he’s about to unleash on the poor bastards responsible for that pile of ash.

Are you ready for John Wick: Chapter Three?

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