2017 Emmy Award Ratings Plunge To All-Time Lows

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This year’s Emmy Awards ceremony definitely had its fair share of watercooler moments, but it seems like 2017 just isn’t a very good year for Hollywood pomp and circumstance: like the VMAs before it, Sunday night’s Emmy telecast appears set to post some of the worst ratings in the ceremony’s 69-year history.

As of now, the Emmy Awards’ 8.2 overnight rating among metered market households plunged 2.4 percent from the 2016 telecast – which was already the lowest-rated ever. That would mean that Sunday’s Stephen Colbert-hosted affair may go down in history is one of the most embarrassing outings for Hollywood in decades.

There is still hope for the Emmys, however, as the official ratings have yet to be declared because six of the 56 markets in Florida have not yet reported. Areas that were severely affected by Hurricane Irma have not yet been able to report Emmy viewership totals (it seems that hurricane recovery should be more important than Hollywood ratings, but I digress).

The 2017 VMA telecast’s shockingly poor performance was blamed on its stiff competition in the form of “Game of Thrones” and other heavy hitters, but many pundits blamed the off-putting presence of politics for turning viewers away en masse. Sunday night’s Emmy telecast was similarly saturated with anti-Trump sentiments, which could have played a role in dampening its ratings.

“The Emmys are a Hollywood bubble show,” Media Research Center vice president Dan Gainor told Fox News. “Actors and directors get to pretend they are important because they are doing such insightful takes on life in America, when they have zero idea what life in America is for the other 330 million people.”

Other pundits blasted the Emmys for heaping accolades on shows with a political agenda, such as the “The Handmaid’s Tale,” which envisions a post-American society where women are treated as property of the state.

Sure enough, Colbert dedicated much of his opening monologue to roasting President Donald Trump, quipping that “if he had won an Emmy, I bet he wouldn’t have run for president. So in a way this is all your fault.”

He also took a pot shot at Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and his Twitter porn fiasco: “These days, everybody loves streaming video. Just ask Ted Cruz. But knock first. You don’t want to just walk in.”

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