Stoned Climbers Rescued After Getting Too High To Function

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A group of hikers who shared a spliff or two on their way up the 3,209-foot Scafell Pike, England’s highest peak, were forced to call emergency services to help them get down after the marijuana rendered them unable of making the return trek themselves.

Wast Water with Great Gable, Lingmell and Scafell Pike

Scafell Pike (LourdesPhotography | GettyImages)

“Persons stuck on mountain after taking cannabis,” Cumbria Police tweeted when the first report of the embarrassing incident came through. “Now having to deploy mountain rescue, air support and ambulance to rescue them.”

While there’s certainly plenty of humor to be found in the situation, authorities were miffed to have to divert so many resources to come to the aid of the irresponsible potheads.

“Persons rescued after becoming incapable of walking due to cannabis use. MRT volunteers putting themselves at risk to prevent harm,” a later tweet read.

The Lake District Search and Mountain Rescue Association also said in a statement that such calls are only increasing in frequency as nature lovers embrace the herb a little too much. Stranded hikers who become disoriented or incapacitated by marijuana usage are “becoming a joke,” the organization said.

Twitter users agreed: “Im not surprised …I personally think its terrible …total waste of times and resources,” one person wrote, including an angry face emoji.

“Worlds fail me!” another person chimed in. “Putting others at unnecessary risk / distraction from a #wrongchoice.”

Superintendent Justin Bibby encouraged hikers to look to this incident as a learning experience, Sky News reported.

“Never underestimate the mountains. Mountain safety is your responsibility,” he said. “Carry the right equipment and food and know how to use it. Our priority is your safety. The Wasdale mountain rescue team had a particularly busy day yesterday dealing with this and other incidents.”

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