Jiri Hudler Demanded Cocaine, Almost Peed on Cart on Delta Flight

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We all know that airlines fly high but apparently NHL players do too sometimes. Still, this story is pretty crazy to imagine.

Jiri Hudler


According to reports, former NHL forward Jiri Hudler was traveling from New York to Prague. A Czech newspaper, claims that he got pretty out of hand on his Delta Airlines flight by demanding cocaine. The flight attendant thought he meant a “Coke,” like the drink but then he made himself pretty clear.

After refusing to find him some cocaine, Hudler allegedly lost his mind and told the woman that his friends were going to kill her when they landed. WHOA, dude!

Then, he supposedly did cocaine in the bathroom and tried to pee on a food cart. The 33-year-old also appeared to be under the influence of alcohol during the flight.

Uhhhh, what the puck, Jiri Hudler?
Of course, he has denied the allegations, which he brushed off as “just such a small incident” but the police are investigating.
Hudler, who won the NHL’s Lady Byng Trophy in 2015 (for being a gentleman!) played for the Dallas Stars, Detroit Red Wings, Calgary Flames, and Florida Panthers.
He currently has no contract in the league and, if any of this is true, he can pretty much assume that his days of playing professional hockey in North America are over.
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