Parents Of Malnourished 16-Year-Old Charged With Murder

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The parents of a 16-year old Iowa girl who was so malnourished at the time of her death that she resembled an 8-year-old have been charged with first-degree murder in connection to her death, five months after initial charges of child endangerment and negligence were filed.

Marc and Misty Ray are currently being held in Dallas County Jail on $1 million bail over the death of their daughter, Sabrina Ray, who was found dead in the family’s home weighing only 56 pounds, People reported. Her death was blamed on severe malnutrition.

Sabrina, who was taken in by the Rays as a foster child in 2011 and adopted in 2013, “suffered unreasonable force, torture and cruelty for an extended period of time, resulting in bodily injury… that was intended to cause serious injury,” a police affidavit read.

In the wake of her death, Marc and Misty Ray were slapped with several counts stemming from child endangerment and negligence allegations, with the couple pleading guilty to all charges. Sabrina’s adoptive brother, 21-year-old Justin Ray, and her adoptive grandmother, Carla Bousman, were also arrested in connection to her death.

Justin stands accused of drop-kicking Sabrina and throwing her down a basement staircase the month before her death – at which point she was so weakened by malnutrition and physical abuse that she could not walk, talk, eat or drink. Court records allege that Bousman kidnapped and tortured Sabrina and two other adopted girls living with the Rays, as well as helped trying to cover up
Sabrina’s death and the injuries the other girls had sustained.

The Rays are not expected to stand trial until next year.

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