Woman Uses Facebook To Find, Threaten FBI Informant

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A mother of seven from Illinois who was busted for possessing a stolen assault rifle is now facing new charges after she allegedly took to Facebook to track down a former gang member who is cooperating with the FBI and issue death threats against him.

Iesha Stanciel was discovered by police to have obtained one of the new AR-15-type assault rifles that were pilfered from a Chicago freight train in September 2016, the Chicago Tribune reported. She was slapped with a gun charge, to which she pleaded not guilty.

When accomplice Brian Stafford was arrested after telling the FBI mole about the rifles that he had in his possession two days after the heist, Stanciel took to social media to encourage her Facebook friends to take violent action.

“Snitches get stitches and found in ditches,” she wrote in one post, sprinkling in 11 handgun emojis. In other posts, she revealed the informant’s name, publicly shared his photo, and implored her Facebook friends to “(shoot) his head” if they ever run into him.

The flurry of threatening Facebook posts landed Stanciel back in hot water: she now faces federal cyberstalking charges in addition to her gun charge. In a letter to a federal judge, Stanciel claimed that the menacing posts were not actually meant to cause harm.

Facebook is a “cyber fantasy community where you can live out any fantasy with no real means or intent of carrying anything out,” Stanciel wrote, claiming that her “bad attitude” is “less dangerous than it looks.” She remains in custody pending trial.

A group of bandits stole six assault rifles, 27 pistols, and multiple televisions from the freight train, which was loaded in Atlantic City two days before reaching Chicago. An informant wearing a wire managed to purchase three of the rifles for $4,000 from Stafford; he was arrested the same day.

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