Teen Rapes Neighbor, Offers To Do Yardwork As Apology

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A Florida teenager who stands accused of raping his neighbor at knifepoint after sneaking into her home is now facing a slew of charges in the incident – but the teen hoped to make the entire incident go away by offering to do some yardwork and repairs around the victim’s home.

Timothy Walding, an 18-year-old from Boynton Beach, remains behind bars on three counts of sexual assault with a weapon and one count each of burglary and false imprisonment, the Palm Beach Post reported.

The incident allegedly occurred on Friday, when Walding broke into the victim’s home while she slept. According to a sheriff’s office report, Walding held a knife to the woman’s throat and tied her hands to the bed before carrying out the assault.

Walding, who was wearing a mask at the time, remained at the home and tried to carry on a conversation with the victim. He insisted that the woman knew him, but when she feigned ignorance, he revealed that he was her neighbor.

“You really should deadbolt your door because I didn’t really want to do this, but I had to do it,” he told her.

Eventually, Walding untied the woman and allowed her to go outside to smoke a cigarette. That’s when Walding asked her “if he could make this up to her by doing some yard work or by fixing something around her house,” the report said.

The victim turned him down but continued talking to him so that he did not fly into a rage and cause further harm. After about an hour and a half, Walding returned home and the victim called the police.

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