Newlyweds Missing After Taking Off In Private Plane Two Weeks Ago

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A pair of lovestruck honeymooners have been missing for nearly three weeks after taking off in their retro private plane from The Bahamas, their family searching the Caribbean for any signs of their whereabouts after the couple failed to arrive at their destination.

Forrest and Donna Sanco of Fort Worth, Texas, were last heard from after arriving at their first stop in Florida on September 26 but have not been seen since, KXAS reported. Friends and relatives have hired search teams to track down the missing couple, but so far, no traces of their whereabouts have been discovered.

Forrest, an engineer at Lockheed, and Donna, an Oklahoma native who recently moved to Fort Worth, took off from Texas in their private Cessna 150 on September 22, headed to the island of Rum Cay, Fox 4 News reported. They never arrived.

Since the Bahamian government has allocated the majority of its resources toward hurricane relief, friends and family have contributed funds toward a GoFundMe drive in order to send search teams into the Caribbean.

“With that money, we’ve been able to hire two private search and rescue teams with aircraft and cameras,” said Erin Simmons, Donna’s daughter-in-law. “They’ve been doing flyovers since yesterday and back out today.”

The Sancos were active on social media on September 26, posting a picture when they stopped to refuel just two hours away from their destination. Reports of bad weather were recorded at the time of their arrival, and Forrest had emailed a friend to tell him about repairs he had done to the plane.

Now, friends and family members are hoping that the Sancos simply got stranded somewhere and have not been able to get in contact with people back home. The couple carried ample food and water aboard the plane.

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