Hear The ‘Sonic Weapon’ Cuba Used Against U.S. Embassy Workers

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A new recording of the sound that U.S. Embassy workers in Havana heard before suffering a slew of mysterious health problems has surfaced, with officials now seeking more knowledge about how American diplomats were harmed on Cuban soil. Watch the video below to hear the sound.

The recording, which was obtained by the Associated Press and released on Thursday, is just one of many sounds that U.S. investigators heard which led them to suspect a sonic weapon, or a device that uses sound waves to cause physical harm to those in its path.

The U.S. Navy and multiple intelligence services were also sent a copy of the recording to aid in their analysis of the suspected sonic weapon, but the government remains confused as to how exactly the Embassy workers fell ill.

While not all of the Americans who were injured in Havana heard sounds, and those who did didn’t necessarily hear the exact same sound in the recording, several victims told the AP that the recording was close enough to what they heard to be identifiable.

According to U.S. officials, those affected by the attacks suffered a slew of health problems, including hearing, cognitive, visual, balance, sleep, and other related issues.

On a technical level, the sound captured in the recording appears to contain around 20 different frequencies, which together can sound like many random keys on a piano being played at the same time.

“What it is telling us is the sound is located between 7,000 kHz and 8,000 kHz,” said Kausik Sarkar, an acoustics expert and engineering professor at George Washington University. “There are about 20 peaks, and they seem to be equally spaced. All these peaks correspond to a different frequency.”

Cuba has flatly denied any involvement in the attacks, and the Navy and State Department have yet to comment on their findings.

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