Drunk Man Urinated On Passenger Aboard United Flight

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Just when you think flying coach can’t get any worse, someone out there takes the torture up to the next level. A New Jersey man has filed suit against United Airlines for allowing an incredibly drunk man to board the flight – and urinate all over him moments before takeoff.

Daniel Card is demanding that the airline pay out damages for the humiliating and disgusting incident, which saw him sit through a cross-country flight from Los Angeles to Newark with urine soaking into his clothes and seat, the New York Daily News reported.

The literally pissed passenger insisted that there was no way the drunken bladder bandit could have gotten passed the gate agent and other crewmembers without someone realizing he was too tossed to fly.

“There’s no way they didn’t know he was intoxicated,” Card said. “They were told.”

According to the lawsuit, which was filed on October 11th, the unnamed passenger inexplicably whipped out his member, aimed it at card, and began to urinate all over his leg. When he tried to change seats – as any sane person would do in that situation – Card claims that he was told by a flight attendant to remain in his gross spot.

United Airlines tried to make things up to Card by giving him a voucher for another flight and a token amount of money to clean or replace the clothes that were ruined by the unnamed passenger.

“It wasn’t a lot,” his mother, Theresa Card, told the outlet. “The whole thing was just horrible.”

As for his part, the man who couldn’t hold it told police that he did not remember anything about the incident. He did admit to downing at least four drinks at Los Angeles International Airport before boarding, though.

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