Homecoming Queen Complains After School Photoshops Her Hair

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A Texas school district was forced to apologize to one of its school’s homecoming queens after she discovered that her vibrant purple hair-do had been photoshopped to feature a tamer brown color, claiming that the incident left her feeling ashamed.

Ebony Smith, who won the coveted title of homecoming queen in late September, came across a press release posted by Galena Independent School District that featured a picture of North Shore Senior High School’s homecoming king and queen, KHOU reported. She quickly realized that the photo had been tampered with.

“It’s embarrassing,” Smith said. “It wasn’t even Photoshopped correctly. You can still see purple outlining. It’s just very embarrassing.”

The school’s dress code considers brightly-colored hair to be in violation, and Smith had already agreed to dye it back to brown after homecoming. However, her mother felt that the school could have handled the situation with a lot more class.

“You changed her to make her look like someone else,” Tameasha Watkins complained. “Keep her as who she is. That’s who the students voted in.”

In a statement sent to the outlet, Galena Park I.S.D. blamed the offensive photo on a simple mix-up.

“Galena Park ISD was contacted earlier today regarding a photo displayed on the webpage with one of our press releases,” the district said. “After looking into this parent’s concern, we did discover the incorrect photo was posted with the story highlighting her child. The error was immediately corrected, and our district sincerely apologizes to the student affected and her parents.”

Sure enough, the press release was updated to feature a new picture of the homecoming king and queen – one that is in black and white.

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