Bar Claims CCTV Footage Is Proof Of A Poltergeist

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A sports bar and grill in California believes that it is the site of an eerie haunting after reviewing surveillance and seeing some odd happenings after closing time, but viewers on social media are divided as to whether the footage is the genuine article or a Halloween-themed publicity stunt.

Cronies, which is located in Ventura, uploaded two separate incidents’ worth of CCTV footage showing furniture that appears to be sliding around the barroom floor – without any employees or patrons being anywhere nearby.

One of the tapes shows a bar stool suddenly toppling over in the middle of the night when nobody is around. Another tape, obtained two weeks later, shows the much subtler movement of a chair on its own and a confused woman checking it out.

“For this to happen it’s pretty creepy,” Cronies co-owned Dave Foldes told CBSLA. “It’s just really weird. We’ve been here 27 years, nothing weird like this has ever happened.”

The longtime barkeeper believes that if the place is actually haunted by spirits, they don’t mean any harm to the owners – or anyone else, for that matter.

“Ralph and Don. They were our first originals. They actually introduced me to my wife. And they died 25 years ago. Whenever something funny happens, we blame it on them,” Foldes said.

The walls at Cronies are filled with pictures of frequent visitors and current and former workers, some of whom have since passed on and may be the ones returning for one last helping of beer and pretzels.

“So many people come here and go – maybe it’s haunted,” one customer said, while another bravely observed: “I’m okay until it’s my chair that moves.”

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