NYPD Cop Says Female Boss Grabbed His Crotch

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An NYPD officer is claiming that he was the victim of sexual harassment on the part of his female boss, who made inappropriate comments about his physique and once grabbed his crotch in a truly bizarre encounter.

NYPD Officer Risel Martinez filed an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) complaint last week claiming that he was groped by his boss and frequently made the object of uncomfortable comments about his appearance, the New York Daily News reported.

“So we’d be there and then she’d make comments like, ‘Wow, Martinez, you’re getting bigger, you’re getting stronger,’ and I’d be like, OK, thank you?” he said.

At the center of the allegations is Martinez’s then-supervisor, Sgt. Laverne Wilson-Valis, who was his above him when he was assigned to the NYPD gun range ballistic vest unit. Martinez says that he originally reported Wilson-Valis to the NYPD’s Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) office in February, but he wasn’t transferred out until thirty days after the complaint was filed.

Martinez claims that the groping incident took place on January 31, when he was inside a trailer moving bulletproof vests around. Wilson-Valis allegedly came up behind him, noticed a bodybuilding magazine that was also inside the trailer, and asked if it was his.

Then, after Martinez’s coworkers had left the trailer, Wilson-Valis made her moe.

“Now she puts her hand on my groin area, and then she places her right above my butt,” he said. “She pushes me back, looks at my penis – like, directly at my penis – and then pushes me forward and looks at my butt.”

“And when I look at her, she just steps back, puts her hands up and giggles,” Martinez recalled, noting that another officer had walked into the trailer and seen what happened. “I was just so confused.”

According to Martinez, he decided to take the matter to the EEOC because Wilson-Valis was only ordered to go to a professionalism seminar after the EEO determined that she did not discriminate because of gender.

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