Man Kills 416-Pound Hog That Has Stalked Property For Years

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A Texas man has finally emerged the winner of his own Captain Ahab-style struggle with an enormous wild hog that wreaked havoc on his property for the better part of the last decade, felling the beast with an AR-15.

Joe Clowers of Union Grove had battled with the 416-pound feral hog for the last five years. The omnivorous animal would often rampage through an area that he set aside to keep his deer population up and feed on the young ones.

“My property lays between some populated areas and I try to maintain an environment like a sanctuary or nursery for the deer to raise fawns,” Clowers told the Houston Chronicle.

Instead of respecting Clowers’ efforts to preserve nature, though, the wild hog would go so far as to charge the property owner when he would check on his deer feeders. Clowers was forced to carry a firearm whenever he was near the area or risk getting taken down by 0.2 tons of angry pork.

“He was the big daddy,” Clowers said. “I called him the bush beast.”

Every Texan knows that feral hogs are not to be trifled with, which makes their voracious appetite that much more annoying: they’ll prowl around farms and ranches and gobble up anything that is undefended while making a general mess of things. Unlike other obnoxious critters, though, hogs make a tasty trophy.

Now that his battle with the hog is finally over, Clowers plans to butcher all the edible meat from the beast before mounting the head, European-style, in his home.

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