Tyrese Gives Gifts to Daughter, Ex Calls the Cops

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This is a sad and weird story. Tyrese Gibson, best known for being in the Fast & Furious movies, sent gifts to his daughter at her school and even hired a plane to fly over with a banner that says, “no matter what, Daddy loves you Shayla.” Sweet, right?


Prince Williams / Contributor

Well, at least one person wasn’t feeling warm and fuzzy – his ex-wife, Norma Gibson. Apparently, she called the cops when she discovered what Tyrese had done since there’s a temporary restraining order in place.

The actor isn’t supposed to have any direct or indirect contact with Shayla or Norma after he was accused of spanking their daughter. There is an open investigation through the Department of Children and Family Services.

So far, Tyrese has sent his 10-year-old balloons, a fruit basket, teddy bear and a card but Norma doesn’t think he did it to show love for their little girl. Instead, she thinks he’s doing it as a form of witness intimidation to discourage Shayla from ratting out her father. 

What a mess… and here we thought his drama with The Rock was crazy. Looks like Tyrese needs to find some peace in his life.

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