Nuclear Engineer Fatally Stabbed After Miami House Party

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The death of a nuclear engineer who was fatally stabbed after attending a house party in Miami and left to die on the street has sparked an investigation by police, who claim that an unidentified group of assailants is to blame.

Alexander Restrepo, 33, went to a house party in southwest Miami-Dade on Friday night that was attended by roughly 60 people in the hours before his untimely death, NBC Miami reported. He was later found lying in the grass with multiple stab wounds just down the block from the home.

According to Miami-Dade police, Restrepo and his group of friends got into a dispute with another group of men as they tried to exit the premises.

“They were at the party for an hour or so and when it was time for them to leave they were confronted at the door by a group of males, they exchanged words and Alex and friends continued to leave the area,” Miami-Dade Police Det. Argemis Colome told the outlet.

Restrepo and his friends made their way down the block, but they were confronted by the unidentified group a second time. This time, a fight broke out, with one of the assailants producing a sharp object and stabbing Restrepo repeatedly.

Now, police are imploring those who attended the party to come forward and help identify Restrepo’s killer.

“This was a party, a lot of people there and witnesses, we need those people to come forward and give us info they saw cause this is very important to us,” Colome said.

Police are offering a $3,000 award for information leading to the killer’s arrest.

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