Trump Calls For Clinton To Be Investigated For Russian Ties

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President Donald Trump called for former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to be investigated for her alleged ties to Russia, suggesting that she has been at the center of enough incriminating scandals to become the target of legal action.

“Never seen such Republican ANGER & UNITY as I have concerning the lack of investigation on Clinton made Fake Dossier (now $12,000,000?), the Uranium to Russia deal, the 33,000 plus deleted emails, the Comey fix and so much more,” he wrote.

“Instead they look at phony Trump/Russia ‘collusion,’ which doesn’t exist. The Dems are using this terrible (and bad for our country) Witch Hunt for evil politics, but the [Republicans] are now fighting back like never before. There is so much GUILT by Democrats/Clinton, and now the facts are pouring out. DO SOMETHING!”

The president also connected the uptick in Trump-Russia collusion speculation to the fact that the GOP is currently undertaking a massive tax reform effort.

“All of this ‘Russia’ talk right when the Republicans are making their big push for historic Tax Cuts & Reform,” he wrote. “Is this coincidental? NOT!”

While Clinton was cleared by then-FBI Director James Comey for the use of a private email server and her deleted emails from her time as secretary of state, congressional investigators will now determine whether an Obama-era uranium deal was approved despite the FBI having knowledge that bribery and corruption were involved in the deal.

Republicans have also called for Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who headed the FBI when the controversial deal took place, to resign from the Trump-Russia probe amid questions surrounding his ability to remain impartial.

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