Andy Dick Accused of Licking and Groping Castmates

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The Hollywood sexual harassment scandals continue to crop up and this time Andy Dick is being accused of inappropriate behavior. Really, though, this man seems to always be around when there’s trouble so this is hardly a shock.

Andy Dick

Bauer-Griffin / Contributor


The 51-year-old comedian is accused of engaging in sexual harassment and misconduct on the set of an independent film project and to allegations are pretty disturbing.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Dick was actually caught in the act of groping people’s genitals and propositioning, at least, four members of the production team! On top of that, he allegedly kissed and licked (!) people without their permission and he’s not even trying to deny that last one.

Now that he’s been removed from working on Raising Buchanan, Dick pointed out that people should know about his reputation by now and that the only reason this is all suddenly a big deal is because of Harvey Weinstein. Wow.

Of course, those comments only further offended the crew to which Dick said, “I don’t grope people anymore. I don’t expose myself anymore. I do understand that the temperature in the world right now is delicate. People are so sensitive.”

Okay… he then added, “I didn’t grab anybody’s genitals. Of course I’m going to proposition people. I’m single, depressed, lonely and trying to get a date. They can just say no, and they probably did and then I was done.”

The craziest admission, though, is that he claims that he doesn’t “know the difference between sexual harassment and trying to get a date.”

Why’s that? Because it’s worked so well in the past, he says. “In the ’70s, all the girlfriends I got was by kissing and licking their cheek. I don’t know anymore,” he explained. “There were beautiful women and beautiful guys on the set. I flirt with them. I might kiss someone on the set and ask them to go to dinner. They are the ones that took it south.”

But has he learned his lesson? It would appear so. “I won’t do it anymore,” Dick said. “I won’t lick anyone’s face anymore. We have an agreement.”

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