Coach Canned For Accidental Text Sent To Student

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A high school coach who was fired for sending an inappropriate text message to a student insists that the text was a complete accident, as he was actually trying to message a friend who shares the same first name as the recipient.

Miles Martin, who was the baseball and football coach at Cambridge High School in North Fulton County, Georgia, claims that he was forced to resign in the wake of a texting snafu that saw him mistakenly send a lewd message to the wrong person, WSB-TV reported.

“I made an error when sending a personal and private message to a trusted friend; to be clear it was an error and not an error in judgment that resulted in the message being delivered to a student,” Martin wrote in an email to a journalist with the outlet. “I immediately communicated my error to individual and he acknowledged that the message wasn’t meant for him.”

A spokeswoman for Fulton County Schools said that the district will not comment on personnel matters. However, an internal human resources document revealed that Martin was busted by a fellow teacher who heard about the text message and complained to administrators.

“Fulton County expects professional behavior from their employees at all times,” the document read. “Mr. Martin displayed poor judgment in sending the text message.”

“He failed to report the incident to school administration and follow the FCS Employee Handbook on private social media,” the report continued. “Mr. Martin exhibited unprofessional behavior.”

Martin claims that although he did not want to lose his job, fighting the allegations would require a large amount of resources.

“I made an error, I did nothing wrong, yet I saw no path to a fair decision without it taking months and costing thousands of dollars so I made the personal decision to resign my position, a position I dearly love.”

The family of the teen who received the text sent a letter to Fulton County Superintendent Jeff Rose standing up for Martin.

“We can all agree that Coach Martin never intended to send this to our son,” the letter reads. “My wife and I do not feel this text shows the type of person Coach Martin is and that his mistake should not affect his ability to coach and teach our boys.”

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