Man Wakes Up To Find Mysterious House On His Property

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Don’t you just hate when that happens? A Canadian man was shocked to wake up one morning and discover that a mobile home had appeared on his rural property, turning to Facebook for guidance in figuring out what one is supposed to do in such a bizarre situation.

“Have you ever found a house?” wondered Patrick Maze, who lives in the sparsely populated province of Saskatchewan. “This one was discovered on my property early Thursday morning on my way to work. It is still there this morning. Perhaps someone stole it and took it for a joy ride, then ditched it on my property?”

The intrepid property owner even went so far as to check inside the home to see if there were any confused residents still inside, but it was empty. Now, Maze is wondering if the fact that the home wound up on his property means that it’s now legally his.

“If you know someone who has lost a house, let me know,” he implored.

Maze did not immediately get on social media after finding the house: truth be told, he wasn’t too concerned about the sudden property acquisition at first because he only rents the plot of land out to a farmer.

“At the time I assumed that it was just to be left overnight and they would come back right away,” he told CBC. “Several days later, I’d actually forgotten about the house. I went for a walk on the property and there it still was. Then I kind of thought, ‘That’s strange. Something’s up here.’”

The Facebook post eventually caught the attention of one Brenda Robertson, who had purchased the home from Winnipeg and had movers shipping it to Saskatchewan. However, a permitting issue required the house to be returned to the shipper, but for whatever reason it ended up getting dropped off midway.

“So it’s quite a surprise to see my house on your land,” she wrote on Facebook. “Thanks for putting this on fb or else I would not know. I’ll try to get it off your land asap.”

The house is slated to be moved on Thursday, and in true Canadian fashion, there is no bad blood between Maze and Robertson.

As it turns out, this is far from the first time that something similar has happened:

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