Party Bus Shooting Leaves One Dead, Three Wounded

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One person was killed and three more wounded after gunmen aboard a party bus in California opened fire on the occupants of another party bus early Saturday morning. The shooters fled the scene and remain on the loose.

The bizarre incident took place at around 1:00 am in busy part of Santa Monica, ABC 7 reported.

“One of the buses had a group of people that got off the bus, got into an altercation of some sort with another group that was on another bus that was directly parked behind it, at which point shots were fired,” said Santa Monica Police Lt. Saul Rodriguez.

Police believe that the argument began when a person from the first bus confronted passengers on the second bus, which was parked on Ocean Avenue. When the person returned to the first bus, gunmen on the second bus opened fire, striking three people inside of the bus and a fourth person who was on Ocean Avenue.

The bus driver transported the victims to a nearby police station, from which they were taken to a local hospital. The fourth victim is said to have suffered minor injuries. The group had been celebrating a birthday at the time of the shooting, police said.

Now, investigators are searching for two to three suspects who fled the scene on foot toward Palisades Park, hopping a railing headed to Pacific Coast Highway. Two weapons were found on the second bus and another two in nearby bushes. No arrests have yet been made in the case.

While it is unclear whether the two groups knew each other, police are operating under the assumption that they did not.

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