Meek Mill Gets 2-4 Years For Probation Violation

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Rapper Meek Mill was sentenced to two to four years in prison on Monday after violating the probation he was placed under for a drug and weapons case by getting arrested twice this year in two different incidents.

A Philadelphia judge found that Mill had violated the probation from his 2009 drug and weapons case by being placed under arrest twice – even though the cases were dropped – and sentenced him to a minimum of two years.

The first case saw Mill, 30, get charged with misdemeanor assault for fighting with two airport employees in St. Louis back in March. The altercation was apparently triggered by an airport employee who wanted a picture with the rapper but instead found himself in a tussle.

The second case saw Mill get slapped with a reckless endangerment charge for riding his dirt bike in Inwood back in August. He and a group of thrill seekers were reportedly riding dangerously down the street, popping wheelies and such, and when the police caught up to him they saw that Meek wasn’t even wearing a helmet.

In 2014, Mill was sentenced to three to six months for violating his probation by booking summer concerts even though the judge had ordered him to cut back on scheduling shows.

“Sir, I didn’t want to do this but you made me do this,” Common Pleas Court Judge Genece E. Brinkley said in court. “After all the years I tried to get you on the right track.”

And in 2016, Mill was placed on house arrest for leaving the state of Pennsylvania for a gig without getting the proper approval from the court, which means that he has already violated his probation twice before. That could be part of the reason why the judge saw fit to punish him with jail time for the latest violation.

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