T-Mobile Store Manager Stole Nudes From Woman’s Phone

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An Oklahoma woman turned to the police after she discovered evidence that a T-Mobile store manager used her phone to send her nude pictures to his personal cellphone before deleting the messages in a bungled attempt to cover up the scheme.

The weird incident took place in Oklahoma City, where police responded to a call concerning a T-Mobile employee named Jesus Cardenas, the Daily Mail reported. According to the complainant, she went to Cardenas’s store to get her new iPhone repaired and left the device with the suspected pervert for an extended period of time.

While Cardenas was supposedly tinkering with the phone, the woman claims that he was actually snooping through her photos. He sent 10 nude photos to himself from her device without her consent, deleted the sent message from her phone, and thought that he got away with it.

But it wasn’t that easy: Cardenas apparently did not realize that his sent messages had also synced to the woman’s Apple Watch. All it took was one glance at her wrist to realize what had transpired, and the woman immediately called police to report the wrongdoing.

“He did delete them from her phone, showing that he had sent the messages from that phone,” confirmed Oklahoma City Police Sgt. Megan Morgan. “Fortunately in this case, she had her watch on which showed that she had a record of those messages being sent.”

Cardenas was arrested on Thursday and charged with a slew of salacious crimes, including non-consensual dissemination of private sexual images and receiving and concealing private property. T-Mobile said in a statement that it would also look into the matter.

“We don’t tolerate this type of behavior and are actively investigating,” a company spokesperson said.

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